5 Reasons Why Nobody Understands What You Do

Ever walked out of a conference or networking meeting feeling that nobody seemed to ‘Get’ what you do? Or that they did get it, but they didn’t care? Maybe you were talking to the wrong people. A tree surgeon visiting a marine biologists’ convention probably won’t get very far whatever they say. Putting that aside,Continue Reading

Why the Question “What Do You Do?” is Actually a Deadly Trap

When someone asks “What Do You Do”, they are actually setting a deadly trap for you to stumble into. Not out of malice, you understand, but just because that’s the way most have us have been brought up. You see, if there’s one thing that 18 years of schooling and upbringing does to prepare usContinue Reading

Crabs Smoking Cigarettes and Sleep Deprivation: When Networking Goes Wrong (and How to Avoid it)

Ever thought how much easier it would be to get your business off the ground if only you could go without sleeping? Just think, an extra 2,500 hours a year to handle all the little tasks that keep getting bumped to the bottom of the pile. Like meeting and following up with new contacts andContinue Reading

What A Toddler Knows About Having A Stress-Free Business (That You’ve Probably Forgotten)

Have you ever noticed how toddlers are so adept at getting exactly what they want from life? Considering that they can’t read, write, drive a car, or even form proper sentences, they seem to get by just fine, thank you very much. It’s something I never paid much attention to until I was entrusted withContinue Reading

Warning: If You’re Asking This Question, Your Marketing May Be In Trouble

I bet you’ve asked yourself this question several times. I know I have.  It’s… “How do I get people to buy what I’m selling?” Why does this question spell trouble? Isn’t that the entire point of marketing? That’s what I used to think, back when I was in the IT business. I remember we hadContinue Reading

Mindmap: How To Make An Adventure (Not Just A Goal)

So in the previous post we talked about how having an adventure in a world filled with dragons and treasure was far more fun (and motivating) than setting goals in a world filled with spreadsheets and follow-up calls. All very wonderful, Iain, but how do I apply this in a way that builds my business?Continue Reading

Podcast: Struggling With Goals? Try An Adventure Instead!

I was talking with Catherine Caine (who runs the wonderful Cash and Joy ) earlier this month about setting goals.  During our chat, I came to the conclusion that although goals are very useful things to have in any endeavour, they can leave you a bit cold. This might seem contrary for someone in my lineContinue Reading

A Lesson in Taking Risks from a Skeleton (with a Lightsaber)

On Halloween, I broke with the habit of a lifetime. I actually remembered to buy some trick-or-treat sweets in advance for once.  Tonight was going to be a much better effort than my usual after-the-fact dash to the corner shop with instructions to my wife to ‘Keep ‘em talking!’. Nope, tonight I was prepared. LockedContinue Reading

What To Do When Networking For Referrals Doesn’t Work

I’ve been using networking in one form or another to build my business for over 10 years. Quite frankly, my results have been mixed. In the early days I spent a lot of time going to wine and canapés-type events hosted by the local chamber of commerce, meeting a lot of people who seemed justContinue Reading

Are You Stuck On The Marketing Hamster Wheel?

Most people, when they start their business, do whatever they think will get them  in front of prospective clients the quickest. That’s why they typically choose things like cold calling, networking or direct mail. And there’s nothing wrong with this, at least to start out with – after all, that stuff often works. But whatContinue Reading